Late-night TV host Samantha Bee isn't holding any punches since her show "Full Frontal" has debuted. This time, a Georgia senator and U.S. laws regarding rape kits are in the crosshairs.

In Bee's latest episode, the former Daily Show correspondent launched into a scathing commentary about U.S. laws on the books regarding the backlog of rape kits sitting untested in law enforcement offices across the country.

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And while she did acknowledge that states are taking steps to either pass or introduce legislation to ease the backlog of the kits, she took special interest in Georgia legislation.

"Catching rapists is the one thing that everyone can agree on," she said during the segment. "Well...almost everyone."

Featuring portions of a story from 11Alive's Duffie Dixon on the battle of passing legislation for rape kit testing, Bee blasted Georgia Sen. (R) Renee Unterman who chaired the committee that killed the bill, ensuring it would never reach the Senate floor.

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"If the Confederate clown-car that is the Georgia House could come together on this bill, who are you to block it," Bee said.

Watch the video to hear what else she had to say (Warning: the video does feature some strong language):

While it's nice to see Georgia grabbing national attention, it's safe to say that this time, it's not for the right reasons.