Two young women died of an apparent overdose in their apartment on Thursday, April 27.

Officers were called to 1009 Summit North Drive for a report of injured people. The caller told police that her roommates were unresponsive from a possible drug overdose.

The officer announced himself and entered the apartment. He discovered Summer Moss, 32, lying on the floor with her leg propped up against the door frame. She was not responsive and she had a purple straw with a white powdery substance inside of it clutched in her hand.

On the countertop in the bathroom where Moss’ body was discovered, were two clear, plastic wrapped balls of a white powdery substance, a pink container with blue pills and suspected marijuana that was wrapped in plastic.

The officer then found 28-year-old Katherine Green on the floor of a bedroom with a white blanket pulled up to her neck. She was also unresponsive.

EMS and fire responded to the scene and pronounced both girls deceased.

According to the roommate and Moss’ ex-boyfriend, both girls were known to use drugs.

Both bodies were transported to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office where the cause of death is under investigation.