An Atlanta couple is finally taking the next step after overcoming a tremendous setback last year.

11Alive has been following the story of Meg Alexander and Brett Greenhill since late last year, when Brett was paralyzed while celebrating their upcoming wedding. The Atlanta couple and their friends were at the beach when Brett dove into an incoming wave and struck a sandbar, injuring himself.

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The couple vowed to fight on and, now, with a new wedding date set, Meg and Brett are once again planning for their big day. Their two engagement photos tell two different stories, but what can be seen in both is their unshakable bond.

"The desire for us to be together never really changed, in fact, if anything, it just got stronger," Meg said. She and her fiancé Brett spoke to only to 11Alive's Chris Hopper about life after the accident.

The life the Atlanta couple once had, captured in their engagement photos before the accident, is nothing like the one they live these days. But if it's anything like what's seen in the newest photos, Meg and Brett still have much to look forward to.

<p>Brett and Meg are getting married! (Photo: Tessie West)</p>

"The human spirit is so ridiculously resilient and I think anything becomes normal with enough time," Meg said. "You just learn to figure it out. It's not easy, this world isn't made for people without working legs, it's not."

Brett said the days can be challenging, but the fight is not about how it's done, but who the fight is with.

“Some days are tough. We’ve got tough points," he told 11Alive. "The things that Meg has to deal with, namely me, are tough. But most days, and most parts of days, we’re happy and we’re playful and fun, and that’s what I saw in those pictures.”

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Brett's accident was in December last year, and their original wedding date -- February 11 -- came and went. But they vowed to eventually marry. On Sept. 9, they finally will.

"It'll fall into place and be perfect no matter how it turns out," Meg said.

Again, the couple took photos to mark the occasion -- highlighting Brett's new reality, but never losing the love. "I wanted Brett to feel comfortable in his new body," Meg told 11Alive.

<p>Brett and Meg are getting married! (Photo: Tessie West)</p>

They're continuing to prepare for the wedding, while facing life's greatest challenges head-on.

"I feel like I went from the caterpillar stage, to now I'm in a cocoon, which I know once we get through this rebuilding phase, the next step really does pretty much look like the butterfly," Brett said.

Brett is continuing to make progress, but it's slow. And while the journey is long, the generosity the pair said they've gotten is helping. Since his accident, they've raised more than $100,000 on their Gofundme page. It helped them buy a new minivan, specially fit for Brett.

"She always said I'm never going to have a minivan, she's driving around in this van saying, 'Wow, I want one of these,'" Brett joked.

The overwhelming support is also providing free wedding planning, photography and an upgraded venue.

“I don’t even think there are words to express what that’s been able to do for us, and I don’t know how people do it if they don’t have the outpour of support that we did,” Meg said.

Though the couple don't know what lies ahead, they said they feel their future is bright because they know what got them here will get them through.

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