An Atlanta Police Officer is accused of swearing at a woman after allegedly hitting on her while in uniform.

The incident apparently happened last weekend outside of an Atlanta coffee shop. The woman lives in Washington, DC but was here for a business trip.

Renee Bracey Sherman says on November 13th, she was walking out of a Dunkin Donuts on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard when she says an officer tried to spark a conversation.

“I was walking back and all of a sudden a police car pulls up to the left side of me. I was nervous because when a police officer is next to you, you’re kind of wondering, what’s going on?” she explains.

Sherman says the officer then hit on her.

“He rolled down his window and he said, ‘Hey beautiful. Why didn’t you ask me how my morning went?’” she said.

After she didn’t entertain his alleged advances, Sherman says she was shocked at what the officer said next.

“He said whatever b*** and just drove off really fast,” she said.

We contacted a spokesperson from Atlanta Police. We’re told they’re investigating the alleged incident. APD also says they’ve narrowed the investigation down to a specific officer based on the time and place of where it happened.

The police department is in contact with Sherman to handle her complaint with a sense of urgency.

“All I would really like is an apology,” she said.

APD says they can’t talk specifics about the investigation or what the accused officer’s side of the story is.

Sherman says she only wants an apology and will continue reaching out to the police department until she receives it.

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