This weekend, college football fans from around the Southeast will be in the city for the Chick-Fil-A kickoff games at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. When these fellow Southerners arrive, they would expect some Southern hospitality. But, a post on the "City of Atlanta Facebook" page is threatening that good will.

Many of you have sent in a screen shot stating your concerns about a post on the page that reads "Be advised: People from Alabama will be here for the college football game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. If there are any altercations, we encourage you to take the higher road, as they are a much lower class of people."


One person sent us a note saying, "City of Atlanta does not care for our out of town business nor the people who are helping pay for the new stadium."

Another said "This very distasteful!!! Joke or not, it doesn't give Atlanta the right image."

11Alive set out to VERIFY whether or not the city government made this statement and can confirm that it is FALSE.

The City of Atlanta Facebook page is a parody account operated by someone who is not a member of the government. The official Facebook page for the City of Atlanta is called City of Atlanta Government and has significantly fewer followers than the parody page. You can verify that you're on the official page by looking for the blue check by the name, indicating that Facebook have verified the validity of the page.

Last year, 11Alive spoke with the operator of the parody page after his posts about parking and gentrification went viral.

Ben Palmer started the fake City of Atlanta Facebook page when he became frustrated with numerous parking tickets, run-ins with city officials, and a lack of funds. When the city found out about the page, they asked that he remove the city logo.

You can read more about what happened next, here.

VERIFY: Sources

City of Atlanta Spokesperson

Ben Palmer - Operator of the parody account


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