As Irma heads our way, social media can be its own storm of misinformation.

You don’t want to waste a fridge full of food so we set out to find out the truth behind a popular hack circulating social media.

Is the “quarter cup” test a safe way to determine if your food is still safe after a power outage?


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The test: Place a cup of water in the freezer and once frozen, place a quarter on top before leaving home. When you return, check to see if the quarter on top is still in place. If it’s unmoved, then you know your food remained at a safe temperature. If the quarter has floated to the bottom of the cup, you know you lost power long enough for everything to defrost and the food should be suspect.

11Alive checked with the CDC and the Dept. of Agriculture and neither would say if this is true or false, or even if it's a good rule of thumb. The Dept. of Agriculture recommends focusing on preventive measures of keeping your refrigerator cool by adding bags of ice or dry ice.

Officials do say a good rule of thumb is a partially full fridge would keep food cool enough for 24 hours, while a full refrigerator would keep food cool enough 48 hours without power.


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► Georgia Department of Agriculture


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