ATLANTA -- If you lose power during Hurricane Irma and need to make a call, is there a good way to charge your phone?

An online video caught our attention claiming to be a phone hack to charge your phone using a 9-volt battery.

Here are the tools it said you would need:

  • A car charger
  • A spring from a pen
  • Your charging cord
  • A 9-volt battery

But does it work? The answer is mixed.

11Alive spoke with an engineer who said that, in a pinch, it could work. If your phone is completely dead and off, it might be able to give you enough of a charge to call 911 or send a few text messages but this will not replace a typical charger.

It might get your phone to turn on but if you leave it connected for too long, it could actually discharge your phone. There are some horror stories out there about the hack killing phones altogether. A better bet would be to buy a portable charging station.

They're available online for about $10. If you have to buy all this stuff from scratch, it will run you about $30 - a much more expensive and inefficient hack.


► Patrick Shea - Nuclear engineer
Instructional Youtube video


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