ATHENS, GA - Two police officers attempting to arrest a suspected thief were injured during a take down on Tuesday.

Around 3:38 p.m., officers responded to a call of a suspicious person at the Dollar General located at 2194 Lexington Road.

While en route, the officer was informed the suspect, Marvin Taylor, left the store but returned. The officer was also made aware that Taylor had escape warrants out for his arrest.

Two officers arrived at the store, one spotted Taylor, who took off running down an aisle. The incident was captured on bodycam.

Footage shows the awkward chase as the suspect's pants fall to the ground.

The officer attempted to Tase him, but did not make full contact as Taylor was able to run out of the store while attempting to brush the probes and wires away.

Taylor and the officers struggled before the officers were able to grab his arms and secure the handcuffs.
One officer broke his finger, the other injured his elbow.

Originally, 11Alive reported that the officers pulled down Taylor's underwear to search for weapons. A spokesperson for the Athens-Clarke County Police clarified the officers were checking to see if the taser prongs were still embedded in his buttocks. Under taser training, removal of the pongs is required to ensure the suspect's safety.

Officer recovered $53.45 worth of merchandise in Taylor's pants.

Taylor is charged with theft by shoplifting.