A Texaco gas station off of Interstate 20 on Senoia Road has shut down both their regular and mid-grade pumps due to the gasoline being watered down.

According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, two complaints were called in to their communications department early Thursday morning.

An inspector came to the location and identified water in the gasoline. This resulted in both the regular and mid-grade pumps being shut off until the problem is rectified by the owner of the station.

Julie McPeake, the Director of Communications for the Department of Agriculture, said that they will send samples to their lab in Tifton, GA for further testing, and once it is fixed, they will do a second inspection.

As far as the two people who bought the tainted gasoline, McPeake states that it is the responsibility of the gas station owner to reimburse them and that they are liable to find out exactly what happened.

There has been no word yet on whether the gas station plans to reimburse the patrons or what caused the gas to have water in it.