Dozens of injured victims from the Caribbean from hurricanes Irma and Maria arrived at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta on Sunday night, joining hundreds of others who have already arrived at the base.

All of the patients were from the Virgin Islands, according to base officials. One was taken by ambulance to a nearby emergency room, while eight more were removed from planes on stretchers and 16 were in stable condition.

Crews on the base had been working since Tuesday, as more than 200 patients from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands get evacuated to the area.

Most of those working at Dobbins are used to combat missions, helping their fellow service members. Here, the patients are civilians, and those injured during a catastrophic natural disaster. 11Alive's Ryan Kruger spoke with some of the flight and medical personnel about what it's been like the last few days.

"We had one guy, all of the energy and power were out. His house was gone. He came in with his mother and his baby. We asked where the mother of the baby was and he didn't know," recounted Lt. Col. Chad Corliss, an air operations liaison. "It is tough. It's challenging. It's also rewarding. We're here to help our fellow citizens. The call went out and Dobbins Air Reserve base and all our mission partners responded."

According to the base, the group also included medical personnel from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Dobbins is serving as a federal center for patient reception as part of the national disaster medical system.

Dobbins is also a support base for hurricane relief operations in partnership with FEMA.

PHOTOS: Hurricane injured arrive at Dobbins

Air Force and FEMA aircraft continue arriving at Dobbins to pick up medical equipment and relief supplies.