RABUN COUNTY, Ga -- More than 150 workers from all over the nation are now fighting fires in Rabun County, as wildfires contain to spread across north Georgia.

A total of 54 homes have been threatened by the fires, which have spread recently from 4,100 acres in the Rock Mountain area to now more than 5,500.

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“I’ve been here quite a few years, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Kermit Thompson, 84, told 11Alive’s Matt Pearl.

Crews have mostly been working to contain smaller fires that have broken out along the fire’s main line.

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“We’re making sure they don’t reignite,” said firefighter Valerie Lopez.

Firefighters stress the blazes won’t leave any long-term damage to the area’s natural beauty. Trees should remain firm and the underbrush should return once the area gets some rain.

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