LOCUST GROVE, Ga. -- A local family is just starting to settle in after the surprise of a lifetime. Stephanie Jaegers thought she had a kidney stone, but it turned out she was pregnant – and about to give birth!

It all began last Tuesday. Stephanie had abdominal pain that just wouldn’t quit, so she convinced her husband, Michael, to take her to the emergency room at Piedmont Hospital Henry.

He got her there just in time. Doctors quickly learned that Stephanie was 38 weeks pregnant.

“We're just looking at each other like, what is happening,” Stephanie Jaegers said.

Stephanie said she was initially frantic as she tried to think everywhere she went and what she ate.

“There are certain things you're not supposed to eat, lunch meat is one of them,” she said. “I eat sandwiches all the time.”

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But after delivering a happy, healthy, 7-pound baby, she said she had no reason to worry.

Stephanie swears the new took her by complete surprise.

“I never had a stomach, I had my period all throughout it,” she said. “I never had any morning sickness.”

Doctors said it’s rare, but certainly not unheard of to be totally unaware of a pregnancy.

“He was positioned behind a rib, and his little legs and feet were up in front of him, so he looked like a little V,” she said.

Stephanie said she didn't feel him move the entire time, and even her close friends and family say she never looked different.

“People say, ‘I just saw you and you weren't pregnant,’ and I'm like, ‘I know, that's what I tried to tell the doctor,’” she said.

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It might not be a surprise to out that Shaun Jude Jaegers is a very quiet baby.

“It feels right, now that he's here,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie says she's thankful he's sleeping well because this entire situation has been crazy enough.

While her three older kids were initially shocked by the newest addition, she said now they're thrilled and very proud older siblings.

A friend has established a GoFundMe page to help the family out. Click here to donate.