Her red ponytail bounced as she tore up Cardiac Hill, leaving behind a young and fierce field of elite women's runners.

Aliphine Tuliamuk, a Wichita State University graduate, was side-by-side with Marielle Hall through the first miles of the race.

Hall ran the Peachtree looking for her first national title in the 10-km distance. While she’s a rookie in that distance on the roads, she’s excelled on the track where her first three 10,000-meter races included an Olympic qualifier, U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier, and the Olympics.

VIDEO | Women's finish of 2017 AJC Peachtree Road Race

By the end of Cardiac Hill, Tuliamuk had pulled far ahead, dominating the rest of the course. Her smooth, steady stride carried her to an unofficial finish time of 32:48.

"I am incredibly happy right now," she said, draped in an American flag at the finish line.

She said at mile 5, she started getting tired, but told herself, "I signed up for this, and there's no going back now."

Tuliamuk is one of eight children and is originally from Kenya. Her winning race was her Peachtree debut.

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