A community is rallying around one local family after a mother of four suffered a traumatic accident over the icy weekend.

A U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report states there are over 600 ATV fatalities every year and thousands more are injured. On Wednesday, 11Alive sat down with a mother in Woodstock who lived to tell about her traumatic moment on an ATV - and what she'll never do again.

Seeing Heather Holt a few months ago celebrating big win with her softball team and seeing her now shows a major difference.

“I'm in a lot of pain," she said.

Holt is now recovering from a traumatic brain injury after an accident on an ATV.

A witness recorded cell phone video as she rode with a friend through their Woodstock subdivision

The video stops the moment the ATV slides on a patch of ice throwing Heather and her friend off in different directions

“I woke up in the hospital,” Holt said. “The doctor told me that … I had brain damage.”

She also has broken ribs and other wounds you can't see.

Just worried about the next few months and what's in store and what's ahead

Holt isn't able to work right now and her wife Jenn recently changed jobs leaving the family of six with no health insurance.

“Heather is one of those people that would give you the shirt off her back,” one friend said.

But now her family could use a hand. Close family friend Carl Hawthorn set up this GoFundMe account.

“They went to the hospital with no insurance and also ATVs don't carry insurance like a car and people don't realize that as well,” Hawthorn said. “So there's no one but themselves to pay for it.”

After the accident - she said she'll never ride the same way.

“I wasn't wearing a helmet,” she said. “I probably should have been wearing a helmet.”

“You don't think this could happen to you until it happens and [then] it's too late to prepare,” Holt’s wife Jenn said. “Just put on a helmet. It takes a couple of seconds - just do it.

Holt won't know the full extent of her brain injury until future appointments.