Location specialists play a critical role in bringing new movie and TV productions to Georgia.

Craig met 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie on the rooftop of the Georgia Film Office, where he works as senior location specialist.

"We get every sort of location request, every time period, sometimes futuristic stuff," Craig Dominey, senior location specialist for the Georgia Film Office, said.

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The Georgia Film Office uses a computer program called Reel Scout to manage its growing list of camera-ready locations.

The campus of Georgia Tech served as the location for the ultra-modern headquarters of Living Robotics, with its centerpiece being a large conference room with glass walls that become a canvas for Affleck's character. 

"Hospitals, jails, mansions are the most common requests," Lee Cuthbert, another member of the location team, which gets involved in the earliest stages of film and TV productions, said.

"We want your project to come to Georgia, and we'll do whatever it takes in terms of showing you locations. If you need somebody to take you out for a few days, we're glad to to it."

The service is free since there's a big economic upside if producers choose Georgia over other states.

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Still from file footage of a film industry training program.

The location database includes schools, courthouses, abandoned buildings and multiple landscapes.

"We have mountains and coastline and lots of rural land, small towns and big cities," Dominey added. "We're able to stand in for a lot of different places because of our diversity."

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