OLD JEFFERSON, La. -- This week was supposed to be a special one for Samantha and Dwayne Hanson.

A trip to Key West was booked to celebrate 25 years of marriage and Dwayne's 47th birthday, which was Wednesday.

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Instead, family and friends are still trying to wrap their heads around the tragedy that kept them from that trip and living a long life with their twin daughters.

"They just did everything for everybody all the time and that's why this is so hard because they were probably the nicest people I've ever met," said friend Stephanie Moga.

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Moga was part of the Hanson's weekly "Happy Thursday" bike ride, hosted by NOLA Social Ride. She, and many others, cherished the couple's down-for-anything attitude and easy-going way of life.

"They didn't miss a good time, and their daughters too. Their twin daughters, that family unit was so strong," said Moga, "The girls came on a few rides with us, they were always doing things with their daughters. I mean they lived for those girls, and lived to the fullest and had so much fun."

Relatives said the Hansons married and raised their twin daughters in Chicago, but moved to Abita Springs to have them in a safer high school environment. When the girls graduated, the family moved to the southshore, where their daughters began building their own lives.

Relatives said Sydney was sweet with a big heart, and a junior in college focused on getting her nursing degree, while working part time at Audubon Zoo, expecting a baby girl.

Everyone says the family of four was practically perfect, and now, loved ones are left to help the only remaining daughter move forward with the most meaningful memories they can keep alive.

Family members have started a GoFundMe page to help the remaining daughter with funeral costs and living expenses, since the fire has left her without a home or belongings. You can help here: https://www.gofundme.com/cassidy-hanson-support-fund?ssid=799238997&pos=1