COVINGTON, Ga. -- The man who made a post about firefighters not receiving service at a Wendy's restaurant wants to clarify what happened.

As 11Alive reported, the post, which alleged that workers at a Wendy's in Covington, Ga. refused to serve firefighters in full uniform, went viral.

A district manager said that the incident had occurred at the store on Highway 278, but said that the employee's shift had ended 20 minutes earlier and she refused service to everyone -- not just the firefighters. Another firefighter told 11Alive's Kaitlyn Ross that he had been served at the same restaurant with no problems, and Ross noticed several police officers in uniform being served while she was there on Tuesday.

After seeing the comments left by viewers on 11Alive's Facebook page, the man behind the original post wanted to add some clarification as to what he said happened.

His statement:

I wasn't planning on giving a statement to the news about the Wendy's incident but after seeing your news cast I would like to set the record straight. On Sunday 5/14/17, at approximately 8:15 pm, 3 local firefighters went to the Wendy's restaurant on 278 in Covington and when walking up to the counter to place their order the lady looked at her co-workers and said" one of y'all is gonna have to serve them cause I'm not". The firefighters then told her they were not police officers (which in my opinion shouldn't matter), but firefighters. The girl then continued to ignore them so the firemen peacefully left without any other exchange of words, but they heard her say "oh [expletive] they heard me". The firemen then came to Dairy Queen where my wife, son and myself were having an ice cream and explained to us what had just happened. They had been fighting a fire all day and just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. We sat there discussing it for about a half hour and then decided that we would go to Wendy's and get some information so we could contact corporate and explain our displeasure with the way our public safety people were treated. When we confronted the shift manager she did seem genuinely concerned but told us she didn't know her supervisor's name or number. So we explained that we would be contacting corporate and politely left. When we were leaving, we heard the manager ask who said that, and we heard the girl in question confess that it was her. As far as Wendy's statement about the employee being off shift 20 minutes before the firemen got there is a little unbelievable to me because it was an additional 30 minutes before we even got to the restaurant and she was standing at the register taking orders. As far as the statement from Lt. Adam Webb, he was not on shift nor was he there at the time. I feel like this whole thing has been directed at Wendy's as a whole and that is not the case, it was more of an individual employee but with that being said these places should have a zero tolerance policy about discrimination. You also reported that at the time you were there several police officers were in the restaurant eating. This took place during the day, therefore the Wendy's night shift would not be on duty.

The district manager previously said that the employee had been disciplined, and that they've apologized to the firefighters.