ATLANTA -- Authorities fear that people already addicted to heroin are taking a drug they don't know is laced with fentanyl, and it's killing them.

Over the past two weeks, six people have died from confirmed heroin overdoses -- possibly cut with the drug fentanyl.

Jennifer Hodge lost her son Robbie just a few months ago to a heroin overdose. She started tracking all of the young people who have lost their lives to the drug since.

“It's an epidemic that we have to stop,” Hodge said. “It's out of control. More children are dying that you don't even know about.”

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,10 people have died from overdoses in the state this year -- 32 from fentanyl overdoses, with dozens of open investigations still on the books.

Hodge started the Teacup Project to honor the lives that are lost.

“I want these children to be remembered with honors, no shame,” she said.

She writes their name, birthday, and a contact number for a family member who is willing to talk about their loved ones addiction.

“I see them dying all around me and we're not talking enough about it, we're not educating enough about it,” Hodge said.

She's filled a table with the tiny cups and memories, and says she can hardly keep up with all of the young people who have died.

“We've messed up as a society, and as a result, we're losing a generation,” she said.

Hodge mourned the three young people who died in Forsyth County last week, and the two young women killed by an overdose in Buckhead this weekend.

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But she feels for law enforcement trying to get a handle on it as well.

“They can barely catch their breath,” she said. “Because I don't think there's enough manpower to actually be arresting those who are giving it because there's another overdose and another overdose and they're trying to stop another overdose so now they're getting a backlog of all these overdoses.”

Atlanta Police have not yet made an arrest after the deaths of the two young women in Buckhead. Forsyth police say they have not made an arrest in the four overdoses there with. But the departments are both investigating if there's a link between this deadly bad batch.