WYOMING, Minn. - Payton Morley was diagnosed with Hunter’s Syndrome when he was just over a year old.

“The average life span for his disease is only a few years older than he is now and he just turned nine the other day,” said Payton’s dad, Chad.

It’s a disease that’s taken away his ability to speak and hear, but Chad is making sure he can still dress up for Halloween.

“What we want for Payton is for him to be included,” said Chad.

A couple years ago, Chad built Payton a "Mater" tow truck costume from the Disney movie “Cars.” Last year, he built a "Dusty Crophopper" costume from the Disney movie, “Planes”.

This Halloween, in just a couple days time, Chad built a train for Payton to sit in, inspired by the movie, “Polar Express.”

Photos | Dad makes Halloween train for son

After spending the last few weeks in the hospital, Payton’s doctor let him out for a few hours to be in his school’s annual Halloween parade on Monday.

With the halls packed with people, Payton rode the train through the halls of Wyoming Elementary School.

“It was pretty amazing, it’s hard not to get choked up,” Chad says. “I’m pretty speechless.”

“It was very heart warming and to know the community is behind us and the school and the support that Payton gets, it’s overwhelming,” says Payton’s mom, Cassandra.

To learn more about Hunter’s Syndrome, click here.


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