YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- He sits down at the picnic table where a young boy waits. He holds his hand, takes a deep breath and says the words that would bring any young child’s world crumbling down: “Your mamma died last night.”

It’s a video that allegedly shows that moment a father tells his 8-year-old son that his mother has overdosed on drugs – and won’t be coming home.

Brenden Bickerstaff-Clark shard the video on social media on Oct. 10.

Since it was shared, it has garnered more than 32 million views and 700,000 shares

While usually a private moment, Bickerstaff-Clark said he posted the video for a reason.

“This for any and every addict with children,” he said. “Today, I had to tell my 8-year-old son that his mommy died from a drug overdose last night.”

He said that that moment showed the “realization and reality” of addiction – a condition he called a disease.

He asked those who’ve seen the story to share it in hopes of preventing the death of another parent, and the heartbreak of another child.

“Please get help so our children don’t have to suffer,” he said. “This wasn’t staged. This was real.”

He said that he, himself, was a recovering addict and had been clean for 94 days. He ended the post with two simple but powerful hashtags: #wedorecover #godblesstheoneswhocouldnt.

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