HART, Mich. — A pile of dead deer left on state land near a Michigan home was roadkill left there by a county employee, officials say.

When she discovered the pile of eight decomposing deer about 200 yards from her house in Weare Township, Tami Smith says she at first wasn’t able to get an explanation from the state Department of Natural Resources or the Oceana County Road Commission.

But after an article and picture were published by the Oceana County Press, she says an apologetic person at the Road Commission called to say a new employee left the deer there by mistake and the carcasses were removed.

“The deer are gone and that's the only thing I wanted,” Smith says. “I don't want any of the coyotes or the creepy crawlies that would have drawn. Or the smell and stench.

"I’m a happy girl.”

Smith says the area where the deer were left is a former dumping ground in Weare Township, but she says a representative from the Road Commission told her their policy is to only leave one carcass at a time, and farther away from the road.