A Philippine immigration official confirmed Wednesday that the girlfriend of the man who killed 58 people and then himself in a shooting rampage in Las Vegas has returned to the United States from the Philippines.

Marilou Danley, 62, who US authorities have said is a "Person of interest" in the investigation, left Tuesday evening aboard Philippine Airlines flight p-r-102.

A police official in Manila and a law enforcement official in the United States, both speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that Danley left the Philippines unescorted but was being met by FBI agents in Los Angeles.

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The US source said Danley was not under arrest but that the FBI hoped she would consent to be interviewed voluntarily.

The police official in Manila said Danley's trip back to the states "Was coordinated with FBI authorities" and that she was returning to clear her name of any involvement in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

Video shows her arrival at the airport.

Philippine Bureau of Immigration spokesperson Antonette Mangrobang said she came to the Philippines after leaving Hong Kong in September.

Based on the Bureau of Immigration's travel records, Marilou Danley departed the country on October 3, 2017.

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She was onboard flight PR102 of Philippine Airlines, bound for Los Angeles. Prior to her departure, she arrived in the country on the 25th of September. She came from Hong Kong, that was her last arrival prior to her departure yesterday."

Stephen Paddock, who killed himself moments before police stormed the hotel suite he had transformed into a sniper's nest on October 1, left no clear clues about why he staged his attack on an outdoor concert below the high-rise building.

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Law enforcement are hoping to obtain some answers from Danley, who has been identified as Paddock's live-in companion.

Eric Paddock told reporters outside his home in Orlando he wouldn't be surprised if his brother sent Danley away to keep her out of the incident and wired money to make sure she'd be taken care of.

"He loved her," Eric Paddock said, adding he didn't have any knowledge of a breakup or problems between them.

Contributing: Charles Ventura, USA TODAY; Caroline Glenn, Florida Today.