MARION COUNTY, FL -- Students in one Florida county will no longer have to do homework when the new school year begins.

But the new policy doesn't pertain to all students in Marion County.

The new superintendent issued a "No homework" mandate Wednesday for the district's 32 elementary schools. The sweeping change that starts this fall was announced though a recorded phone call from the superintendent.

It said "Traditional homework as we know it will disappear, at least for elementary school students."

Marion County Schools Spokesman Keven Christian explained the reasoning.

"Kids don't learn the way they used to and making them do meaningless or tedious homework assignments each night just really doesn't contribute to their learning process."

The kids seem happy and so do some parents.

But there is something she's asking for in exchange -- superintendent Heidi Maier is requesting that parents have their children read to them for at least 20 minutes at night. A book of the student's choosing.

Maier says she believes strongly in research that shows younger students perform better when they have a break at the end of the school day.

The school district says if there are parents who don't read with their kids, there are other programs available to help those children.