The Atlanta Center for Precision Contact Lenses (ACPCL) is scheduled to open this week to become the only Atlanta eye care provider to fit, design and supply specialized contact lenses for local and regional patients.

With more than 20 years of experience in optometry, Dr. Gavin Cohen, owner and Optometrist at Optique at West Paces, developed a facility to target patients with extreme astigmatism, which requies non-traditional contact shapes.

“Of the 30 million patients wearing contact lenses in the United States, between 50-94 percent suffer from contact-related issues and most patients can’t find relief,” said Dr. Cohen. “The driving force behind ACPCL is to offer patients the most innovative and customized contact lenses, which are unattainable elsewhere."

ACPCL will be the only provider to offer solutions for patients with mild-to-moderate myopia (with or without mild astigmatism), hyperopia and presbyopia through its innovative SightSleep technology.

SightSleep is a specially designed, gas permeable contact lens worn at night to enhance vision for the following day, eliminating the need for corrective glasses or contact lenses throughout the day.

“We hope to work alongside local optometrists to provide patients with successful solutions to their challenging eye care needs through our unique services,” said Dr. Cohen.

The facility will be open for patient consultations this month and will specialize in conditions such as myopia, chronic moderate-to-severe dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis, presbyopia, and keratoconus.