Each year, thousands of people flock to the National Association of Black Journalist Convention. This year the convention is being held in New Orleans Louisiana.

The NABJ convention is known for having discussion panels that deal with African American’s and their endeavors in the field of journalism. It's also known for its panels on matters that plague the African American Community.

One of those panels got heated, Friday, thanks to a late-addition and controversial personality, White House Aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

The panel, focused on police-community relations, was hosted by BOUNCE TV’s Ed Gordon. Guests consisted of family members of men that died during high-profile police-involved shootings, activists and journalists. But due to Omarosa's controversial character, some confirmed panelists decided not to participate in the discussion.

The White House aide planned to talk about how she tragically lost her brother and father to gun violence, but she was quickly bombarded with questions and comments on her involvement with the Trump administration.

In true Omarosa fashion, though, she defended herself from Gordon by saying, “I do not have to stand here and defend every single word and decision."

That's when several members of the audience protested by standing with their backs turned from the panel.

While it's unclear why Omarosa was asked to attend the convention this year, it will forever be marked as one to remember.