ATLANTA -- The AJC Peachtree Road Race will be run under a red alert out of an abundance of caution, officials confirmed Monday.

Due to the expected weather conditions, which include high heat and humidity, officials confirmed they will be setting the race day event alert system to red. Red indicates dangerous race conditions, according to the race's Emergency Alert Status.

"Please understand the risks associated with undergoing strenuous exercise in these conditions and alter your race plan accordingly," officials said in a statement to runners early Monday. "If you have a condition that is worsened by high heat and humidity, please consult a medical professional before participating."

Race Director Rich Kenah told 11Alive on Monday that the decision to put out a red alert was to ensure racers properly prepare before Tuesday's race. Kenah also encourages participants to start the race at a slower pace.

"Better off to make an announcement today, and we’re going to start with a red flag and let all the participants know we’re going to have that stereotypical Atlanta summer morning on the Fourth of July," Kenah said.

Runners are being encouraged to begin hydrating now to properly prepare their bodies for the race Tuesday morning. They are also urged to familiarize themselves with the locations of five water stops along the route and plan on using them during the race.

About 100,000 bottles of chilled water and Powerade will be provided after runners cross the finish line. Kenah recommends if a runner feels overheated to stop at a water station and talk to the volunteers who will get runners proper care.

Last year, the medical tents were the most filled they have ever been in the race's history, according to Kenah. It's one of the reasons the Atlanta Track Club announced the red flag on Monday and got the word out early to hydrate.

"We don’t want our medical tents filled to the brim tomorrow morning just based on weather," he said.

Last year the race started under yellow, but was raised to red later in the morning.

Kenah does not anticipate the weather on Tuesday to get so bad that the race would go under a black flag. A black flag is for "extreme conditions" and the event is canceled or stopped.

VIDEO | Monitoring the condition of Peachtree Street ahead of race