Whether you're walking or running in this year's AJC Peachtree Road Race -- or you just happen to be on your feet all the time -- having the right shoe is critical.

"You want to make sure you've got that perfect fit, that comfort and that support so you're not wearing out your legs and your back," said Sabrina Watts.

The Mizuno Experience Center has a running lab dedicated to making sure that you've got that perfect shoe. One Mizuno rep said they've helped dozens of runners find the right shoe since the store first opened back in April.

"It's been a great hit. People have been amazed that we have this so accessible to them," said Becky Snider. "We can talk to them about what's best for them. We've really helped a lot of people get into the proper shoe."

11Alive's Alex Glaze got the Mizuno folks to test his stride to see if a neutral shoe was right for him.

A few minutes on the treadmill and leading the pack in the virtual race course, the results: "You've got that perfect foot type."

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