BENEWAH CO., Idaho – Benewah County Judge and Idaho Department of Fish and Game officer Douglas Payne snapped quite the photo earlier this month.

Payne was driving along the St. Joe River when he spotted another driver looking at a moose that had fallen through ice and was stuck.

"Moose can weigh 800 pounds, easy," expained IDFG conservation officer Julie Lininger, who helped pull the animal from the water.

She said they were able to cut around the ice where the moose was stuck, and tie tow straps to the animal's front legs. They were able to pull it from the water in a rescue effort that took them about 30 minutes.

A moose trapped in the ice. He was later rescued by a few good Samaritans. 

The moose, however, did not have the sense to be grateful for her human helpers.

"She made a hard charge at us, and we all went running off the ice," Lininger said. "But everyone went home with a great story."

The moose (a cow) was reunited with her calf that was watching from the shoreline.