ATLANTA -- Police are searching for a man they say struck a woman in the face with a gun during an armed robbery attempt in the Ansley Park area.

According to Atlanta police incident report, a woman flagged down an officer Sunday night on Peachtree Street.

She told the officer that she was walking her dogs down 16th Street and turned into an alley. After she'd walked about 20 feet, she said an armed man came up from behind her and demanded her cell phone.

The woman said she found herself "looking down at the barrel of the gun." She said that after she pushed back and wouldn't let go of the phone, the man hit her several time with the gun's handle and threw her to the ground.

The victim started to scream, and, she said, her "smaller dog" began to try and attack the suspect. The man ran into a nearby vehicle, which had another man in the passenger seat, and they drove away eastbound on 16th Street towards Peachtree Circle.

The woman said that earlier in the evening, the vehicle had stopped for her dog after it ran out in front of it, and that she had thanked them for not hitting the dog.

The suspects' vehicle was described as a 1970s model, beat-up four-door hatchback. The license plate appeared to be a dull orange color from out-of-state with red and white also on it.

The suspect was described as a light complexioned black man with a slender build wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt.