HENRY COUNTY, Ga. -- A Henry County couple accused of stealing personal information from 17 victims from around the country.

With 101 charges between the two suspects, police estimate the fraud to be more than $100,000.

Thursday morning, Henry County police conducted a raid on a Stockbridge residence where, in 2016, they found identifying information for the victims in this case.

Henry County police said Ronzlex Harris, 40, and Kayla Edwards, 39, used fake pay stubs and other documents to rent houses under victim's names.

"Basically, what they wee doing was using these victims' information and they would rent homes here in Stockbridge," Captain Mike Ireland said. "They would get utility bills, phone bills, gas bills and other bills in these individuals' stolen identity - names - and they would stay at these places for a couple of months or until they were found out and they would move on."

They then are accused of using stolen checks to pay water bills and put a down payment on a vehicle. Henry County police said the couple also used social security numbers that had not been issued yet to open accounts.

But then, in 2016, police got enough information to serve a search warrant. They soon discovered boxes of paperwork related to the victims. They said they didn't arrest the couple because they needed to go through th evidence and make sure they had enough. Finally, they had enough and returned on Thursday - 9 months later. But the two were gone.

Neighbors said they didn't see this coming.

"You see things like that on T.V. but you never think it'd be right next to you," neighbor Dannie Martin said. "You wonder why people do things like that - as much time and energy they put into something like that seems like they could get a job and do something that doesn't require doing something against the law."

Edwards faces 49 counts of identity fraud, one count of forgery, two counts of exploitation of elderly and one count of theft by receiving. Harris faces 44 counts of identity fraud, one count of forgery, two counts of exploitation of elderly and one count of theft by receiving. Between them, they face 101 counts.

Investigators determined that the two had fled Henry County and were staying in a hotel near Windy Hill Road and Interstate 75.

After news reports aired about the couple on Thursday, Cobb County deputies conducting surveillance located the suspects packing their vehicle to leave town. They were taken into custody without incident and are being transferred to Henry County authorities.