A woman is safe and a suspect is in custody after a kidnapping in Carroll County.

According to police, the suspect kidnapped the woman at knifepoint just before 3 a.m. at a Kroger in Carrolton before forcing her into her own car.

Surveillance video shows the moments leading up to the attack and photos show the alleged assailant walking around the store in a bucket hat before the attack.

"The suspect made the victim stop along Interstate 20 at an abandoned church around about exit 52 and allegedly sexually assaulted her," Atlanta Police Department Captain Brian Schiffbauer said.

After the sexual assault, the suspect took the victim to an apartment complex across from Kroger on Monroe Drive where she was able to contact friends and family who then alerted Atlanta police.

"She used her cell phone to alert her family. Her family was able to get in contact with our 911 center and let our officers know where she was," Schiffbauer said.

She was able to use the location app and her family passed the information. Police tracked the phone to 1705 Monroe Drive. When the suspect saw police, he reportedly took off in the vehicle and crashed.

"Like a scraping, I think he hit the back of the building or something, that's what woke me up," said Byron Barnes who witnesses the aftermath of the ordeal.

Photos | Woman kidnapped in Carroll Co. escapes in Midtown

He said there were dozens of police cars on the scene when the suspect allegedly rammed three residents' cars and a patrol car trying to escape.

"When he drove in here, I'm sure he thought there was another outlet somewhere," Barnes said. "But surprise, surprise, it's a big horseshoe."

The suspect eventually ditched the car and ran on foot, hopping the back fence of the complex.

Barnes saw police comforting the victim minutes after her alleged attacker escaped.

"She was crying and screaming, yeah, she was upset," he said.

The suspect was taken into custody less than 10 hours later. The victim was taken to Grady hospital for treatment.

Preliminary information shows that the victim did not know her attacker. However, police said the victim was instrumental in helping catch him.