ATLANTA -- Donald Trump's election could mean he's taking several Georgians with him to D.C. That includes a possible Supreme Court Justice.

During the campaign, then candidate Trump released the names of several people he would consider for the Supreme Court.

It's not typical of a nominee, but Trump did it to reassure conservatives.

That list included Chief Justice Keith Blackwell of the Georgia Supreme Court. Blackwell was appointed in 2012 by Governor Nathan Deal.

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After graduating from UGA for undergrad and law school in 1999 he served as a law clerk, in private practice and as a prosecutor in Cobb County.

"When folks think of their government, they typically think about their political institutions," Blackwell said in an introductory video on the Supreme Court website. "The courts are the third branch of government but they are a distinctly non-political institution."

Political analyst Charlie Harper said Blackwell is well-respected among establishment and grass-roots Republicans alike.

"There will be a lot of people in Washington with a Georgia accent," Harper said.

One man with such an accent who is already in the nation's capital, but could get a new job, is Sen. David Perdue.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Perdue is being floated as a possible Commerce Secretary candidate.

Trump and Perdue have similar backgrounds and both ran as businessman outsiders.

"In many ways Perdue's 2014 campaign was the blueprint for the Trump campaign," said Harper.

Of course, if Sen. Perdue is chosen for a position, that sets off a brand new set of dominoes in replacing his Senate seat.

Perdue's office wouldn't confirm or deny the report.

His cousin, former Governor Sonny Perdue, is also being talked about as the head of the agriculture department.

And don't forget about former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich who's name is thrown around as a candidate for Secretary of State, Chief of Staff or a senior level administration job.

"Donald Trump's proven to be a person who rewards loyalty and competence," analyst Mike Hassinger said.

Former Rep. Jack Kingston and Rep. Tom Price are both rumored to be in position for possible White House jobs. However, there are also talks that each is interested in running for Governor in 2018.