ATLANTA, Ga -- Attorneys general in several states are calling for the Trump Administration's revised travel ban to be stopped before it goes into effect next week.

While Georgia is not one of those states, those against the ban here took to the immigration court building in Atlanta on Saturday to let their voices be heard.

The protest was part two of the travel ban protest that started that drew thousands to the Atlanta airport in January. This time, the crowd was much smaller but demonstrators had the same message: they reject the travel ban.

In defending the ban, the White House says the immigration order is meant to keep Americans safe.

"This order is part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities that radical Islamist terrorists can and will exploit for destructive ends," Rex Tillerson, Sec of State said this week as the revised travel ban was rolled out.

"If we want to talk about violence in our country, let's talk about gun control. If we want to talk about who comes into the country, then we have a vetting process that has worked. It's not something that has broken," said Ilise Cohen, a protester.

A judge approved a temporary restraining order against that first ban. But the Trump White House unveiled a new version Monday.

Unlike the previous version, the revised order doesn't give preference to any religious minority groups, nor does it affect current visa holders.

While it still restricts travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries, Iraq is no longer one of them.

"The changes aren't enough because it's still a ban on immigration," Cohen chimed.

Protesters told 11Alive the "newest immigration ban is just one part of the larger agenda we're seeking to stop. We're seeking to ask Atlanta and the surrounding communities to actually protect the communities that they are supposed to."

Jon Davla, one of the organizers, added, "We have to take action."

The revised travel ban is set to go into effect March 16.