With Election Day finally here, it’s important voters refresh themselves on their basic rights as a Georgia voter. Here are five things to keep in mind before you cast your ballot on Election Day.

1. Find your polling place

Unlike early voting, where one can go to any open precinct, every voter has an assigned polling station. Voters can find theirs by going to the Secretary of State’s “My Voter” web page and entering their personal information.

2. Bring your correct form of voter ID

When you arrive to your polling place, you’ll need to show one for of voter ID with a photo. The rules vary from state to state; some places only require ID and not a photo. If you don’t have a photo ID, you can fill out a provisional ballot and show ID up to three days later.

3. When should you head to the polls to vote?

Finding the time can be tricky, but mid-morning and mid-afternoon are typically best. Lunch hour and the morning and evening rush hours are the busiest. Polls close in Georgia at 7 p.m. on Election Day, but as long as a voter arrives to their polling precinct by that time, you get to vote. If voters are in line to vote by that time, but haven’t actually cast their ballot, they must still be allowed to vote.

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4. What if I have to work that day?

Believe it or not, employers must give employees two hours off to vote on Election Day, unless polls are open for two hours either before or after their shift. Make sure to check the hours of your precinct.

5. Beware of hoaxes

You may have seen the ads floating around encouraging people to text their votes for Hillary Clinton, however, that’s not a thing. Nowhere in the United States can a voter text their choice, so don’t fall for it.

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