Nothing says a new mayor is coming more clearly than a new city hall office marked "Mayor Elect Transition Team."

The office was certified for occupancy a couple of days before. The question is whether Mary Norwood can somehow wrest it away from Keisha Lance Bottoms.

The margin was whisker-thin, but for Bottoms, the vote was more than sufficient to claim victory and to start planning her move into the Atlanta mayor's office.

"Yes, we are calling it our victory lap," Bottoms said. "We are very grateful. We believe the vote tally will stand. We think if anything, it will go up."

While the Bottoms camp has claimed victory in the race, the Associated Press has deemed the race "too close to call," and the Norwood campaign has told supporters she is requesting a recount -- much as she did in 2009 when she also came in short.

In that runoff, Atlantans cast more than 83,000 ballots in the runoff election. Norwood lost to Kasim Reed by 714 votes. In this year's runoff, there were more than 92,169 votes, and Norwood's defeat was by 759 votes.

Fulton County's election director said the election's electronic ballots have a history of accuracy.

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"Even with the hand counts and running them through, I've never seen those change in 18 years of doing this. The only place I've seen them change is paper ballots," said director Richard Barron.

Norwood is placing some hope on winning provisional ballots, but election officials in DeKalb and Fulton counties say there are 540 provisional ballots yet to be counted. Norwood needs 759 votes to have a chance to win.

An analysis of the voting patterns within the city shows a north-to-south divide between voting blocs, with most voters for Bottoms coming in the south and southwestern portions of the city, while voters in the north and northeastern parts of Atlanta tended to be more likely to vote for Norwood.

An analysis of the Fulton County portion of the city of Atlanta shows a north-to-south split of the vote between Bottoms and Norwood voters. 

While race may come into play, overall demographics may also play a part there; Norwood's initial district on the city council was in Buckhead while Bottoms represented parts of Atlanta's south side.

The provisional ballots from Tuesday's runoff will be counted on Friday. The results of the election will be certified on Monday in DeKalb County, and either Saturday or Monday in Fulton County. A recount would most likely come on Tuesday.