ATLANTA -- President Donald Trump is expected to chime in on the 6th District race after Tuesday's special election that has launched Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel into a June 20 runoff.

Handel has kept her distance from Trump but said the president called to congratulate her Wednesday morning.

Having Trump in the race could actually be welcomed by Democrats who have energized volunteers on behalf of Ossoff because of their disdain for the president. Those factors mean the race remains the most interesting one in the nation.

The spending for round one has been unprecedented with millions of dollars being poured in - most from out-of-state. And everyone expects it to be the same four round two.

Whether it's campaign ads, robocalls or tweets from the president himself, you'll see more of it for the next 2 months as the most captivating political race of the year goes into overtime.

"I can't recall a special election in Georgia ever draw this much attention," 11Alive Political Analyst Mike Hassinger said.

And that means money. Ossoff and Handel will both be well-funded in the race. Ossoff has already brought in more than $8 million - most of that from out-of-state.

Handel, on the other hand, hasn't raised much - less than a million. But Republican super PACs spent more than $5 million on the race. Now that she's the last Republican standing, Handel should have no problems raising money.

"I think voters in the 6th District should prepare themselves to be inundated with information from mail pieces to people knocking on their doors," political strategist Theron Jackson said. "Especially those who did not vote."

Turnout is key in all elections but especially in a special runoff. So the campaigns will be spending a fortune on getting voters to the polls. Early voting for the runoff starts in less than 6 weeks.

"So Republicans are going to be beating the bushes and beating people over the head if they have to, to get them to come back to the polls," Hassinger said. "Because Republicans are going to start attacking him, probably starting tomorrow."

Both parties could bring in some of the heavy hitters in this election. Democratic National Committee head Tom Perez will be in town on Thursday. President Trump is visiting the following week. Neither event is connected to a campaign but you can expect to hear about this race each time.