CHAMBLEE, GA -- The sixth district congressional race is chugging toward its final weekend, and many voters say they’re more than ready for it to end. TV commercials seem endless. Sixth district neighborhoods have seen thousands of volunteers knocking on doors.

"Literally just before I came here, somebody was at my door making sure that I vote," said Marie Lee, an early voter from Dunwoody, moments after voting at a Chamblee polling site.

Voters and some campaign volunteers say there is hard evidence the campaign has reached a certain level of saturation.

"Probably for the past two weeks, (volunteers have) been in my neighborhood every day," Lee said.

Even Karen Zorn, a tireless volunteer for Democrat Jon Ossoff, sees the signs of saturation.

"This week it seems to be better that we’re not visiting the same people over and over again," Zorn said. "In the weeks before this, we were going back to the same houses and you could see that there were lots of notes already stuck on the door. We seemed to be hitting the same people over and over again."

In the same vein, voters say there are too many TV commercials for Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. Our 11alive poll released this week shows TV commercials do little to guide the decisions of voters.

"I think folks are tired of the advertising and it’s the grass roots energy that’s going to guide us to victory on June 20th," Ossoff said Thursday. Handel's campaign did not respond to a request for input on this story.

Early voting ends Friday. The campaigning will continue through Tuesday.