ATLANTA – Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff Tuesday night in metro Atlanta's 6th congressional district.

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10:45 -- Handel makes victory speech to her supporters. (Watch video here)

10:26 -- Ossoff concedes victory to Handel. (Watch video here)

10:10 -- Gov. Nathan Deal tweets congratulations to Handel.

10:10 -- Associated Press projects Handel the winner.

9:35 pm -- Ossoff's fiance thanks supporters.

9:31 pm -- 50 percent precincts reporting, Handel leading 53 to Ossoff's 47 percent.

9:20 pm -- Half of Cobb precincts reporting, with Handel at 60 percent and Ossoff at 40 percent.

9:07 pm -- Handel leading 51 to 49 percent, with 24% reporting.

8:54 pm -- Dead even with 9% reporting.

8:37 pm -- Handel leads Ossoff remain dead even at 50 percent with 6% reporting.

8:32 pm -- Handel and Ossoff dead even at 50 percent, with 4% precincts reporting.

8:07 pm -- Cobb early voting results: Handel: 54.69%, Ossoff: 45.31%

8 pm -- Handel addresses crowd of supporters, saying, "No mattter what happens tonight, this has been an incredible effort."

7:40 pm -- Handel jumps out to an early lead over Ossoff, 51 to 49 percent.

7:30 pm -- All polls close in DeKalb County.

7:20 -- Fulton County election officials say early voting results will be published around 8 pm.

7 pm -- Polls close in Cobb, Fulton counties.

2:12 pm - -White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to comment on the election during his White House press briefing, other than to say President Trump wants to maintain a GOP majority in both the U.S. House and Senate.

1:50 pm -- DeKalb Superior Court Gregory Adams signed an order approving a petition by the Board of Registration and Elections to extend voting hours for 30 minutes at the polls located at Holy Cross Catholic Church (3773 Chamblee Tucker Road) and Livsey Elementary School (4137 Livsey Road).

7 am – Polls open throughout the 6th district

6:02 am -- Another tweet from the President:

5:49 am -- President Trump again tweets his support of Republican Karen Handel:


The race has become a virtual must-win for both parties on June 20. More than 133,000 advance and mail-in ballots have already been cast.

The seat has been in GOP hands since 1978, having been held by such Republican stalwarts as Newt Gingrich and Johnny Isakson. Price himself was easily reelected several times, but Trump himself carried the district over Hillary Clinton by less than two percentage points last November, fueling Democratic hopes that they can flip the district.

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There have already been two special congressional elections since President Trump took office, and both were won by Republicans. Democrats hope a victory next Tuesday will fuel momentum for the 2018 midterm elections.