Radio station V-103 held a forum with the leading candidates for Atlanta mayor Monday morning, which was not without its share of fireworks.

One question in particular, as part of the closing lightning round, asked the candidates their opinion of President Trump and his policies.

While most of the candidates denounced the president, Mary Norwood's answer was a bit more awkward, and led to more than few jeers from the audience.

"I abhor any racism, any bigotry, any violence, any... supremacy... of any type," Norwood said. "So I am absolutely opposed to any policies that reinforce that, 100 percent."

"But, Ms. Norwood, what do you think about Trump?" the moderator asked. "President Trump?"

"We have a president," she answered. "I am telling you that I do not support those policies. I am -- I am saying to this audience, that I do not support any policies that are bigotry, that are racism, that are in any way related to..."

The audience interrupted at that point -- some of them loudly -- saying, "That's not the question!"

The moderator admonished the crowd, as Norwood sat down.

"Ms. Norwood, will you finish with your response?" the moderator asked.

"I am finished," she said.

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One by one, down the stage, the other candidates denounced Trump and his policies. When one, Vincent Fort, made the statement, "I'd like to say 'ditto' to everyone else's statements -- except Ms. Norwood's...' -- the moderator turned back to Norwood.

"Ms. Norwood, since he did mention your name, would you like to respond?"

She stood again.

"We have a president," she said. "I may not like the president. I may not support the policies that are in this country, and that are being promoted, but we have a president. This is what happens in this country. That election stands. If the people wish to impeach the president, they wish to impeach the president. But I, as the next mayor, will be committed to getting the most I can get for Atlanta in financial resources from every single part of the government in this country."

11Alive News will be partnering with the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, the AARP and the Amercian Cancer Society to get your questions answered from the mayoral candidates. The Atlanta Mayoral Forum will be held Wednesday evening, October 11 at 7 pm at the Georgia Tech Ferst Center for the Arts.

You can watch it live in person or on WATL and on You can also listen on our RadioOne partner 107.5. Jeff Hullinger will be the moderator.