ATLANTA -- Democrat Jon Ossoff fired a shot at Republican Karen Handel today as the 6th district congressional runoff gets underway. In an interview with 11alive news, Ossoff said Handel’s record on women’s health is unacceptable.

"With all due respect to Karen, I think her record on women's health issues is lacking," Ossoff said.

Ossoff says he is an outspoken defender of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 US Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

Ossoff points to Handel’s criticism of Planned Parenthood, a position which led to her resignation from the Komen Foundation in 2012. Vocally anti-abortion, Handel shares a pro-life view with many Republicans. She all-but predicted the attackTuesday night during her runoff celebration.

"Those who want to have a debate about values, a debate about - say - women's health care, I say, to borrow a phrase, bring it on," Handel told a cheering crowd.

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Handel forced Ossoff into a runoff Tuesday night. The 6th district race has drawn national attention as a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump. But Ossoff’s first salvo is a more traditional one, saying he opposes efforts in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.

""I would never disparage anyone who has differing views on the issue. But it's precisely that complexity at the ethical and medical level that makes it unacceptable for federal bureaucrats to be getting between women and families and their doctors," Ossoff said.

Handel would not agree to an interview Wednesday or Thursday. On her campaign website, she writes "I am pro-life and believe that life begins at conception."