JOHNS CREEK, Ga – GOP congressional hopeful Bob Gray picked up a big endorsement this past week, got a plug from a nationally known conservative commentator, then got hit with an embarrassing claim.

The Club for Growth PAC, representing a conservative, limited government organization, endorsed Gray in the crowded 6th district race to replace Tom Price, now President Trump’s secretary for Health and Human Services.

Gray also got a nod from conservative commentator Erick Erickson, who then took a shot at state Sen. Judson Hill, another candidate in the race:

"There's some big news today locally regarding Congress in the 6th congressional district. Bob Gray, the former Johns Creek Councilman has received the endorsement of the Club for Growth, which is a pretty big deal because they were really thinking they would have to stay out of the race since there are so many Republicans.

“The biggest issue for me here is that Judson Hill didn't get the endorsement of the Club for Growth. You would think that he would be the guy who would do it. Instead, they went with Gray. I know this from the Club for Growth guys, they've felt like all along, Gray was the guy closest to them on the issues."

Shortly afterward, a photo began popping up on social media that appeared to show an anti-Trump (and anti-Hillary Clinton) sign that was allegedly at Gray’s house:

Gray, who is touting the support of many Trump voters and has said he wants to help the president “drain the swamp,” immediately drew charges of hypocrisy from Hill.

"The Republicans cannot afford to lose this seat to the liberal Democrat [Jon] Ossoff by putting forward a fatally flawed candidate, who now appears to have not only been lying throughout the campaign about not being a politician, but has been lying about his support for Donald Trump in an effort to try and further his political career, like only a hypocritical politician would," said Hill late Friday afternoon.

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Ossoff, along with Gray and fellow Republican Karen Handel, are the only candidates in the race who have been consistently polling in double digits.

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Gray campaign spokesman Joash Thomas said the charges are untrue.

“He never owned, purchased, or displayed any such sign,” Thomas said. “He did however, roll up his sleeves and volunteer in the Trump campaign office, something that can't be photo-shopped.

“Failing campaigns always attack first,” Thomas said. “It's no surprise that we're a target."

Thomas sent a photo to 11Alive that shows Gray at Trump’s Georgia campaign headquarters.

Gray is hosting a grand opening of his Johns Creek campaign office on Sunday, March 19, from 2-4 pm at 11600 Medlock Bridge Road.