11Alive will be tracking your Election Day issues and holding the powerful accountable on your complaints. If you have issues voting, or see any problems, report them to us by sending an email, posting on the 11Alive Facebook page, or sending us a tweet.

11Alive will work to verify these reports and post updates through the day.

Cobb unaware of any problems at Shallowford Road voting location -- VERIFIED

A voter told 11Alive that when she voted at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church on Shallowford Road, she punched the button for Jon Ossoff Karen Handel's name then lit up. She says it took three people to figure out how to get the vote registered for Ossoff.

A Cobb elections official told us they are unaware of any problems reported at this location, but they will investigate.

Some Fulton polls may remain open past 7 pm -- VERIFIED

Voters whose designated polling locations are Centennial High or the Johns Creek Environmental Campus will have extra time to cast ballots after those locations didn't open up at 7 a.m., according to officials. A personnel issue was reported at one of the locations, which caused it to open late. An equipment mishap led to the other delay, according to April Major of Fulton County Board of Elections.

“Unfortunately, there were unforeseen staffing and equipment issues that caused these two polls to open late,” states Richard Barron, Director of the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections. “As required by law, we are extending the operating times for these two locations to allow voters the complete 12 hours available to cast their ballots. All other polling locations will close at 7:00pm.”

Voters at those locations will only be able to cast provisional paper ballots during the extended hours.

Centennial High will close at 7:35 p.m.

Johns Creek Environmental Campus will close at 7:55 p.m.

Results will begin coming in at 8 p.m. from Fulton County. Bookmark this page and check back for updated results.

DeKalb investigating Dunwoody voter complaint -- VERIFIED

The DeKalb elections board has confirmed it is investigating the following complaint:

"I went at lunch today to vote in the special election for the Tom Price seat. I reside in Dunwoody Station, 30338.

"I walked to Dunwoody Library, filled out the form completely and signed it, and went to cast my vote. A Ms. Roberta Watkins told me that I was in the wrong place and would have to go to Calvary Church of God—about a ½ mile down the street. I said, well let me have the form and I’ll use it there. She said “this form can’t leave here: you’ll have to fill out another one”. I said “why?” and she said “the form cannot leave here”.

"I walked down to Calvary Church of God and filled out another form; I told them what had happened and asked why I couldn’t use that form here. They said…”you can; we’ve taken several of those completed forms from people who went to the wrong place—it’s the same form”. I went back to Dunwoody Library and told Ms. Watkins what they had said down the street and she said…”that’s not the instructions we were given.”

"My problem is that I left a signed and completed from that someone else could have used to vote illegally—all it would have taken was for someone to fail to check a driver’s license when the plastic cards were given out.

"When I got back to the library, another man and another woman had been told the same thing—“you’re in the wrong place; leave your form with us….” That’s 3 people in the space of about 10 minutes.

"Something fishy is going on here—it would be too easy for voter fraud if these completed forms are treated in this manner."

Election Protection Hotline receives complaints from Atlanta area voters -- VERIFIED

The Election Protection Hotline (866-OUR-VOTE), led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, received complaints from Georgia voters concerning today’s elections.

Because of large-scale promotion of the 6th congressional district special election in and around Atlanta, voters were confused about which jurisdictions are holding elections today.

The only elections today in Georgia are as follows:

  • Congressional District 6 (Portions of Cobb, DeKalb, and Fulton Counties)
  • GA State Senate District 32 (Portions of Cobb and Fulton Counties)• Johns Creek City Council

Runoff elections in:

  • Burke County- City of Waynesboro Mayor
  • Carroll County - Board of Education District 4
  • DeKalb County - City of Stonecrest, Post 2, 4 and 5
  • Fulton County - City of South Fulton, District 1 - 7 and Mayor, City of Roswell, Post 4
  • Miller County - Sheriff
  • Monroe County- County Commissioner, District 2

Voters who do not reside in these areas do not have an election today.

Election equipment stolen from poll worker's car -- VERIFIED

Saturday, a poll manager in Cobb County picked up equipment from a preparation center and stopped at a grocery store on the way home. The equipment, described as "electronic poll books", was stolen. The Cobb County Election Supervisor told 11Alive News the equipment was rendered useless and does not pose a threat to voter privacy or election accuracy. The Secretary of State's Office is investigating. Read the full story here.

Network down at Johns Creek Environmental Campus -- VERIFIED

11Alive received multiple calls from voters assigned to the Johns Creek Environmental Campus on Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta. They reported the network was down and the polling location had not opened 30 minutes after polls were supposed to start taking votes.

11Alive reporter Neima Abdulahi confirmed with the polling manager on location there was a "computer glitch" that delayed the start of voting until 8:00 am. To make up for that delay, polls will stay open an extra hour Tuesday night.

No 6th district on ballot in Fulton County-- NOT TRUE: USE THESE RESOURCES

Multiple reports have come in from Roswell, Johns Creek, and other cities within Fulton, Cobb, and DeKalb from voters who believe they are within the 6th district but not able to receive a 6th district ballot.

11Alive checked specific polling locations and could not verify any locations within the 6th district not getting ballots. Instead, it appears many voters were confused by the mailers and advertisements. They didn't actually live within the district. Here's how to check: type your home location into this link to verify if you live within the district.

By 10:25 am on Tuesday, so many calls were coming into Fulton County, a spokesperson sent out a statement:

"We are receiving many calls from people not eligible to vote for the 6th Congressional District seat because they do not live in the district. Unfortunately, they did not do their research to determine which district they live in. Please help us spread the word to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO so people will be able to determine their eligibility."

Need more? Find out if you live in the 6th district and should vote today

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