ATLANTA - Both parties are working to shift the stream of new voters to their advantage in the sixth district congressional election. A federal judge opened up voter registration against the wishes of Georgia Republicans last week. Now, new voters may play a pivotal role in the June runoff.

"I found it very frustrating," said Piper Davis, who moved to Brookhaven a few days too late to vote in the special election that sent Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel into a runoff.

But Davis is voting in the runoff, thanks to a judge’s ruling last week. "I’m just excited to be able to go out and cast a vote now," Davis said.

She is part of a wild card contingent of newly registered voters likely to show up for the June 20th runoff – an election likely to be exceedingly close between Handel, the Republican former Secretary of State, and Ossoff the Democratic former congressional aide.

"There’s a lot of excitement around Jon’s campaign from young voters and people who may have never voted before," said Democratic activist Marjorie Snook, who is convinced the new voters will tilt toward Ossoff.

And Republican strategist Mike Hassinger agrees. "It could play to Ossoff’s advantage in a very big way," Hassinger said.

Hassinger and Snook agree that the presidency of Donald Trump is fueling the emotions of new voters, likely to the benefit of Democrats.

Davis said she plans to vote for Ossoff.

Yet, many Democrats still say Ossoff is the underdog. They know the GOP will be working to register and turn out its voters, in a district that has been Republican for generations.

The deadline to register for the runoff is May 21st. Go here to register online.