What was supposed to be a show of support for dad may have just gotten Eric Trump into trouble.

The son of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted a photo of his ballot filled out while he was at the polls Tuesday morning. The only problem -- it's against New York election law to take photos of your ballot.

"It is an incredible honor to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A.," Eric tweeted, along with a photo of his completed ballot. The tweet was taken down and isn't anywhere on his timeline, but other Twitter users captured screenshots.

Eric Trump isn't the only one who's gotten into trouble for posting a selfie at the voter booth. Last month, singer Justin Timberlake was front-and-center of national discussion over ballot selfies after he posted a photo to Instagram when he early voted in home-state Tennessee. State officials said they wouldn't pursue charges against him.

According to The New Yorker, punishment for taking a photo from inside the ballot booth in New York can range from a $1000 fine to a year in jail time. Whether New York officials will charge Eric Trump hasn't been addressed yet, but it should make other voters think twice before posting their own selfie.

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