ATLANTA -- Early voting is officially underway in Georgia.

Voters and election officials are already seeing huge turnout at local sites for the historic election.

11Alive’s Matt Pearl looked into what both campaigns are doing in this state, and how the Trump camp here is addressing its candidate's claims that the election is "rigged."

Trump, on the stump, has spread claims about voter fraud and a "rigged" election. While many, even in his own party, have disputed those ideas, his campaign director in Georgia said they're focusing on other matters.

Jennifer Hazelton told 11Alive their first priority is getting people to vote, period. She said the Trump campaign has more than 30 field offices and several thousand volunteers, and they're mostly concerned with outreach.

"There are people whose jobs it is of making sure the election is handled appropriately,” Hazelton said. “Our mission is to work hard, earn each and every vote and to let the people who are paid to do that job handle that job."

Meanwhile, a crowd of more than a hundred Hillary Clinton supporters led by Congressman John Lewis marched to the Fulton County Courthouse to cast their votes. In most years, it would have been a footnote: a group of voters heading to cast ballots early for a Democratic Presidential candidate who won’t win the state.

But this time, Hillary Clinton might. A new YouGov poll that shows the candidates are statistically tied: Trump at 45.4%, Clinton at 45.8%.

It’s the first poll to have Clinton ahead since her post-convention bounce in August, and it has the national media declaring a state competitive that long has gone red.

“I think people in Georgia, they’re reasonable people, and they’ve been thinking hard,” Lewis said.

The Trump camp’s Georgia director pointed to every other poll in the last two months. They all showed Trump ahead.

“I’m going to push back on the notion that Georgia is in play, because we don’t think it’s in play,” Hazelton said. “Georgia is a Republican state. It’s a red state. It’s going to be a red state in 2016, and it will remain a red state.”

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