ATLANTA -- As a political unknown running for the US Senate, Michelle Nunn introduces herself by producing a TV ad that tells her story.

Nunn is a Democrat running in a state that hasn't elected a Democrat since 2006. So Nunn's ad shows her prominently with one of America's best known Republicans, former president George H.W. Bush.

While leading President Bush's Points of Light Foundation, we grew it into the world's largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, Nunn says in the commercial's narration.

Peach Pundit editor Charlie Harper says the ad "portrays that she's that person that can reach across an aisle. "It appears it's fair," Harper says, adding that it doesn't imply that Bush has endorsed the candidacy of the Democrat Nunn.

Harper correctly says the ad shows association but not an endorsement. The 11Alive Bullmeter detects very little political bull in the Nunn ad -- barely registering at one out of ten.

The ad for Republican US Senate candidate Rep. Jack Kingston identifies the voice in his new ad as that of as the president: "Uh, Kingston? This is the President," intones a voice, over images of -- guess who? -- Barack Obama on the phone.

You gotta back off of Obamacare. You voted forty times to defund it, the voice says.

Running in a hard-fought Republican primary, Congressman Kingston wants to show Republican voters that he is fighting the Affordable Care Act.

Kingston. Let me be clear. I do not want you in the Senate. Call me back. Kingston. Please?

That the voice belongs to an actor is obvious, says Harper. "I don't think any real voters are going to think that's President Obama," Harper says. "I think they see it as the satire that it is."

Satire is a staple of politics. But in Kingston's ad, the voice explicitly identifies itself as belonging to Obama. Perhaps it enhances the stairs. It's also clear Kingston wouldn't mind one bit if some gullible voters really thought that really was President Obama pleading with Kingston to quit being such a tough guy.

Maybe it's acceptable bull. But it still registers a fragrant seven on the 11Alive Bullmeter.