Hillary Clinton began Tuesday on a hopeful note, with the nation's finest polling and analytics data indicating she'd be elected first female president of the world's most powerful country. By night's end, she called Donald Trump to concede the office she'd sought for so long.

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Early Wednesday morning, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta took the stage at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, while Clinton stayed back at the hotel where she'd been watching returns with her family.

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“It’s been a long night and it’s been a long campaign, but I can say we can wait a little longer,” he said. “Every vote can count," adding that the campaign would "have more to say tomorrow." Not long after, Clinton was on the phone conceding the election to the real estate billionaire after the Associated Press called the race.

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Shortly after, Trump gave his acceptance speech.

Watch the full speech, here.

Photos | Donald Trump's Election Night event