ATLANTA -- A hot button issue during the entire election season was Donald Trump's assertion that he'll finish building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Trump's plan outraged Hispanics all over the U-S -- and abroad. On Wednesday, 11Alive's Ron Jones spoke with Hispanic voters who said they're ready to push forward.

Those we spoke with, including some Hispanic business leaders, said they admit they are really disappointed by the outcome of the presidential election. However, some say despite all the campaign rhetoric -- they may are not discouraged.

"Unfortunately, in the United States, we took the wrong turn in history," Georgia Rep. Brenda Lopez said.

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Lopez represents the Norcross area Ga. House District 99 was at Turner Field along with dozens of Latino business owners.

Hosted by the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, they networked, attended workshops and talked politics.

Lopez said there's concern a Trump administration could create a hostile environment for immigrants hoping to cash-in on opportunities in America.

"I think most definitely it is going to gear toward the negative,” Rep. Lopez said. “I think there's going to be a lot heavier targeting all immigrant communities and not just Latino communities."

Lopez isn't the only one that's concerned.

"People can see the force of Hispanic businesses being a force of good," Santiago Marquez with the Georgia Hispanic chamber of Commerce said.

Marquez, the group’s vice president, said now is the time for Hispanic business owners not to panic about what a Trump administration will bring -- but focus on what they do best.

"For me, it's just, ‘Let's just keep doing what we're doing now,’ that there's a sense of urgency,” Marquez said. “We just need work hard to build these businesses so we can develop jobs for the community."

Lopez said it's too early to tell what the impact will be. But she believes time, checks and balances are on their side.

"I think we have to look at it with patience,” Rep. Lopez said. “There's a huge difference between what's being said on the campaign trail and what can happen logistically and also with political pressure."

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