A large crowd of demonstrators, many who were students, gathered on the streets of Atlanta to protest after the presidential election Wednesday night.

During the protest that moved from Piedmont Park through downtown, one person was arrested. (Click here for more on protest

Photos | One protester arrested in Atlanta

Police arrested Alexia Mikayla Johnson after she refused to get on the sidewalk. She was charged with obstructing traffic. During the arrest, she and other demonstrators chanted "This is a peaceful protest."

Some in the group said they were upset about President-elect Donald Trump winning the election. Others expressed disdain with the Electoral College because Hillary Clinton is poised to win the popular vote.

Photos | Atlanta presidential protest

The Atlanta protest was one of many across the country.

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Protesters took to the streets Wednesday in at least 10 cities to march against president-elect Donald Trump - and numerous college students and faculty leaders took to social media to announce support groups and even postponed exams.