WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama meets at the White House today with President-elect Donald Trump to prepare Trump for the transition of power.

The White House says that at the same time, first lady Michelle Obama will be meeting with Melania Trump. Obama's meeting with Trump will be in the Oval Office. Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Trump will meet in the White House residence.

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He will also meet with House speaker Paul Ryan.

The meeting Thursday with be the first face-to-face between the men since Trump's surprising win. Trump and Ryan have had a tense relationship. Ryan did not campaign with Trump and has been critical of some of his policy proposals.

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Trump has blasted Ryan as disloyal, "weak" and "ineffective."

A source familiar with the plans tells The Associated Press that Vice President-elect Mike Pence will also attend the lunchtime meeting. It will follow Trump's White House meeting with President Barack Obama.

Trump and Pence are also meeting today with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the Capitol, after the meeting with Ryan.

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